Incomings – Staff

Academic offer


The working language can be both English and Spanish.

The duration of the mobility will be five to fifteen days depending on the country of origin; please check with your university. The mobility period takes place during the academic year 2016-17, taking place between the months of September 2016 to April 2017; in any case, the date of the stay must be agreed with the relevant department of the UPV.

All the mobilities must be finished on 31st of May 2017.

ISCED fields of education Name of degree/program Contact name Contact e-mail Website
031 Department of Economy and Social Science Dionisio Ortiz
072 Department of Food Technology Pedro J. Fito
081 Department of Afroforest Ecosystems José García Jiménez
052 Department of Animal Science Juan Jose Pascual
052 Department of Plant Production Ana Maria Ortola
072 Department of Rural and Agrifood Engineering Javier Cortijo
073 Department of Architectural Composition Gaspar Muñoz
073 Department of Architectural Construction Luis Vicente Garcia
073 Department of Architectural Projects Jose Ramon Lopez
031 Department of Urbanism Javier Perez Igualada
073 Department of Graphic Expression in Architecture Julio Antonio Albert
021 Department of Drawing Antonio Alcaraz Mira
021 Department of Painting Joaquín Aldás Ruiz
021 Department of Sculpture Mª Salomé Cuesta Valera
041 Department of Business Organisation José Pedro García Sabater
071 Department of Continuous Medium Mechanics and Theory of Structures Pedro Efren Martin
071 Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Javier Orozco
071 Department of Thermal Engines and Machines Vicente Macián
071 Department of Electrical Engineering Jose Antonio Antonino
071 Department of Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Gumersindo Verdu
073 Department of Construction Engineering and Civil Eng. Projects Victor Yepes
071 Department of Electronic Engineering Rafael Gadea
061 Department of Communications Ignacio Bosch
071 Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Javier Orozco
071 Department of Engineering Projects Maria del Carmen Gonzalez
071 Department of Graphics Engineering Bernabe Hernandis
071 Department of Land Engineering Maria Elvira Garrido
071 Department of Systems Engineering and Control Pedro Albertos Perez
072 Department of Textile and Paper Engineering Francisco Javier Cases
053 Department of Applied Thermodynamics Ana Valles
073 Department of Transport Infrastructure and Engineering Francisco Javier Camacho
071 Department of Hydraulic Engineering and Environment Eduardo Cassiraga
071 Department of Cartographic Engineering, Geodesy and Photogrammetry Ángel E. Martín Furones
023 Department of Applied Linguistics Mª Luisa Carrió
054 Department of Applied Mathematics Alfredo Peris
054 Department of Applied Statistics and Operational Research and Quality Andres Carrion
061 Department of Computer Systems and Computation Juan Carlos Casamayor
053 Department of Applied Physics Victor Sanchez Morcillo
053 Department of Chemistry Miguel Angel Miranda
051 Department of Biotechnology Jose Gadea
031 Department of Economy and Social Science Dionisio Ortiz
021 Department of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage Pilar Soriano
021 Department of Audiovisual Communication, Documentation and History of Art Nuria Lloret


UPV Erasmus+ KA 107 project