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Third Call 2015 Staff

Information staff of the UPV

3nd Call

This Erasmus + program with partner countries is part of the KA1 action and allows students and staff of the UPV the possibility of stays of study, research and training in universities participating in the project.

Initially offered 42 mobilities, now open a 3rd call to fill vacancies: 4 staff.



  • University of Abdelhmid Benbadis – Argelia
  • Université Abdelmalek Essaâdi – Marruecos
  • Caddy Ayyad Univ – Marruecos
  • Hanoi University of Science and Technology – Vietnam


You can get more information on the following document: Convocatoria Erasmus+ OAI in addition to its annex: Anexo Plazas y Destinos

Application guides are also available in AIRE as your group:

Guía solicitud Personal

OUTGOING – 1st Call KA107 (2016). Final awarding of undergraduate, master and staff vacancies.

You can see the awarded vacancies of the first call for undergraduate, master and staff positions in the following document.

Resolución – Definitiva

Lista de reserva

We remind you that you must hand in the acceptance or renouncement of destination in the International Affairs Office until the 13th February 2017. Please use the following forms: